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The method: Team Training Classes

Gone are the days of your personal trainer standing over you counting reps. In Team, we’ll crank the music, slap some high fives, and flat out work hard.

At LiveWELL, Team Training memberships come with unlimited classes each month!

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LiveWELL Team Training classes are fun first and sweat second. Coaches will take you through our circuit-style interval training with bursts of work and rest to challenge the body to change. Come in, grab a kettlebell, burn a ton of calories, and don’t you dare forget to clap for a teammate! Time is no longer an excuse. Classes start with a quick, dynamic warm-up and circuits last around 30 minutes. Cool down with a foam roller, and you’re outta here!


You can’t build a great home without a solid foundation. Fitness is similar to your home in that you first need to establish proper movement and a base level of conditioning before beginning to build more advanced layers of fitness. With a challenging, full-body program, Foundations will ensure that you’ll avoid injury, make progress at your pace and begin the path to success.




Are you ready for something different? Many people strength train with weights while others do cardio or aerobics—somewhere in-between is Afterburn, the ultimate fat loss workout. Some of the tools and techniques may be new to you, but many have been around for over 100 years! Not only will you burn up to 1,000 calories, you will continue to burn fat and calories up to 48 hours after your workout is complete. Hence the name… Afterburn!


icon-strength_copyIndustrial Strength

Want to get stronger, slimmer and more athletic? Industrial Strength is the solution. Working with heavier loads and fewer reps means more strength without bulk. This program combines old school tools with modern science to provide you with the fastest path to better strength and conditioning.


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