Trip to the ZOO!

Hey Warriors! It's the weekend and schools out, so it's time to take a trip to the zoo! Complete this circuit 4 times and hopefully that will hold you over until Tuesday!

Ape Squat x15
Bird Dog hold (5sec) x10each 
Push-up with Frog Jump x10
Dead Bug x20each
Bear Crawl (20 sec)


Weekend Warrior

Hey guys! It's weekend warrior time! This weekend we are going to jump for joy that it's finally warm outside! All of these movements are going to explosive, but more importantly fun! Complete this circuit 4 times through and then enjoy the beautiful weather!

Jump Lunge x10each
Explosive Push-up x8
Broad Jump x10
Log Jumps x10each side
Plank with Hip Slaps x10each
Sitouts x10each

Weekend Warrior

All you need for this weeks Weekend Warrior is you and a chair (backed up to a wall)! Preform the first circuit 3 times and then move to the ab superset, and try to do that 3 times through also! Watch our Facebook video to see Margaret demonstrate proper chair form for all these exercises!

Alternating Step-Ups x12 each side
Bridge-Ups x18
Triceps Dips x12
Elevated Push-Ups x12
Plank with Shoulder Tap x12 each side
Dead Bug x12 each side

The Truth About Abs


By Laura des Cognets, CPT


What’s the secret? How do people get those rock hard abs? I once read that in her hay-day, Britney Spears did 1,000 crunches a night. Is that it? Just more crunches? You probably already know the answer to that question. Never-the-less, we’re coming up on swimsuit season and it’s on people’s minds.

We’ll jump right to it. People with six packs are two things:

1.       Genetically blessed

2.       Extremely disciplined

Think about it, what you look like—your eyes, your height, your skin tone—all of these things are heavily determined by good ole DNA. The good news is that we can do things to change the way our body looks. The bad news is that it’s not easy, and even when we do all the right things, we’re not all going to get swimsuit modeling jobs. Darn it.

So what can we do?

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition.

You’ve heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen” and it is true. Here’s why:

For starters, “spot reduction” (a.k.a. targeting a specific area of body fat) is a gym-floor myth. A bull’s-eye focus on abs exercises isn’t the way to get rid of belly fat. That’s because fat is broken down and transported into the bloodstream, and when it’s used as fuel, it can come from anywhere in the body. So although a dozen crunches can make your abs feel like they’re on fire, fat may be burning elsewhere. (Sneaky, huh?!)

This being said, changing your diet to burn fat is key. Lots of protein (lean meats), good fats, smart carb choices (get those carbs from yummy fruits and veggies!) is a start!

Building a stronger core.

We don’t want you to think that core exercises are a waste of time. Like all exercises, there are great advantages to working your core even if they don’t produce overnight washboard abs. Things like improving your posture and preventing injuries. With a strong core, you improve almost every movement you make in the gym and in real life.

Don’t skimp on strength training! One way you can burn more fat and see more muscle definition (in your abs and legs and arms and back and you name it) is by strength training and hitting every large and small muscle group. Strength training helps you burn more calories for a longer period of time and in turn, gain muscle and lose fat. So get after it!

Keep it up and you’ll see progress! Hopefully you’ll start to lose that fat and see some definition in the abs!




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