Sneaky little thing called S U G A R


By Laura des Cognets, LiveWELL CPT

We're not coming at you with breaking news. These days, most of us know that there IS such thing as too much sugar.

But, do we need to just say know to birthday cake or Sunday brunches with waffles all together?! Just say it isn't so! I WILL NOT GIVE UP SWEETS.

Hold up, guys, before you write us off faster than you can run to your fridge for some ice cream--sugar is found in SO many more common food items than you think. You don't have to skip the birthday cake at your nephew's party. So what should you do?

Try to eliminate the SNEAKY sugar. You can enjoy sweets in moderation and still cut down your sugar intake A LOT.

Start by logging what you eat for one week-- or even 2 or 3 days-- you will likely uncover just how much sugar you're actually eating. It might shock you!

Once you've swallowed that pill, take some of this advice:


  1. Plain Yogurt. If you eat dairy and love to have yogurt as a snack, perfect! It's a pretty good source of protein and calcium. BUT--beware of flavored yogurts that can typically contain about 7 tsp. of sugar. Switch to plain and add some fruit for toppings.
  2. Oatmeal. Another sneaky breakfast item that can be loaded with sugar! Just say no to the instant, flavored oatmeal packets that can have up to 14g of the white stuff. Old fashioned oats with some fruit toppings is a great carbohydrate and energy booster!
  3. Salad dressing. On to lunch! You chose a salad with some grilled chicken for your protein--awesome. But wait, the dressing? Bottled or restaurant dressings can contain up to 15g of sugar. Make your own instead with oil and vinegar.
  4. Granola. This stuff is GOOD. Have you tried any lately? The grocery shelves are stocked. No wonder--1/3 cup can have as much as 13g of sugar. Call your girl scout and order some cookies while you're at it!
  5. Juices, specialty coffee drinks, and so many more beverages. Guys, if nothing else, please check what you're drinking on a daily basis. We like to call liquid calories a "low hanging fruit"--eliminate them first! Orange juice can have 20g of sugar in a one cup serving. Same goes for sodas and mochas! Opt for sparkling water, teas, or coffee with unsweetened almond milk.


Marketers are maybe the sneakiest of them all. Please do not judge a book by it's cover! READ THE LABEL--don't let some clever tagline on the box convince you something is "healthy". Whole foods, whole nutrition for a lean, energetic you!

Good luck hunting that sugar!



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