Double Trouble

Hey Warriors! This week we have double trouble with a slider circuit and a general conditioning circuit! Complete the first circuit 4 times before completing the second circuit 4 times! Have fun!

Slider Lunge x8each
Slider Push-up x4each
Rocker Snow Angel x8each

Burpee x10
Mountain Climbers x20 (each or total)
Broad Jumps x10

Rep Ladder!

Hey Warriors! This week we have a rep ladder to complete 4 times!

4(each)-Multiplanar Lunges
6-Hindu Push-ups
8(each)- Mountain Climbers
8(each)- Plank with Hip Slaps
6-Touchdown Squats
4- Push-up with Rotation

Pack and Go!

Hey Warriors! It's traveling and outdoor season so we made a workout that includes your heavy backpack! So grab those packs, fill them up, and complete this circuit 4 times to make the next hike a little easier!

Weighted Bridges x10
Resisted Push-ups x10 (knees ok!)
Elephant Walks x10
Marching Plank x10each
Row x10
Halo Squat x10each side

7 in Heaven

Hey Warriors! This week we are going to do 7 in heaven! We have 7 exercises to complete 7 times with 7 reps each or total!

Plank to Side Plank
Mountain Climbers
Jump Jack Squat
Around the World
Elephant Walks (out and back is one rep)

You're up!

Hey Warriors! It's baseball season so we want to get you out on the field! This week we focus a little on cardio! Complete this 4 times to get that heart pumping!

Base-to-base shuffle with Jump Squat x5laps
Walking Lunge x10each
Stair Run x1min
Push-Up with Rotation x5each side
Sitting V's x20


Need help? Watch Margaret demonstrate all these fun exercises! Also, LiveWELL is going to a baseball game July 19, stay tuned for the details.


Hey Warriors! This weeks workout focuses on balance! We have two circuits to complete 4 times each.

Burpee x12
Bird Dog Plank x10each
Single Leg Reach x10each
Push-up with Rotation x5each (knees is fine!)


Sit Out x10each
Low Lunge to Lunge x10each
Mountain Climbers x50 each or total

Explosive vs Controlled

Hey Warriors! This Weekend Warrior focuses on explosive vs controlled movements in  super sets! Complete each super set 3 times before moving on to the next!

Alternate Reverse Lunge x10each
Jump Squat x10

Explosive push up x10 (knees ok!)
Chair dips x15

Plank with rotation x10each
Plank x40 sec

Deck of Cards

Hey Warriors! It's time for the weekend, so it's time to sweat! Grab that deck of cards, get shuffling and get working! The number on the card represents the reps and the suit represents the workout! Face cards go up accordingly, Jack is 11, Queen is 12, King is 13, and Ace is 14!

Hearts- Sit-Outs
Clubs- Spider-Man Push-ups (knee position fine!)
Diamonds- Single Leg Bridges
Spades- Jumping Split Squat

Diet: It Doesn't Have to be a Four Letter Word

By Laura DesCognets, CPT


Diet has become a four letter word. I wrote about getting abs by Memorial Day last month and the bottom line was A) that abs are made in the kitchen and B) you really can’t “spot treat” for fat loss. ‘So what sort of diet should I go on then, Laura?’


When I say the word “diet” I immediately cringe and change my choice of words to “lifestyle change” but even that just sounds trendy. Diet makes me think of shakes and ladies eating nothing but lettuce for lunch. But what is a “lifestyle change”? It is the same as Gwyneth Paltrow’s “conscious uncoupling”?


I like to describe it as making a large enough change in lifestyle, nutrition and/or physical activity to see positive results, all while making choices that are healthy and sustainable.


You won’t see results if you don’t change anything about what you’re already doing. However, how many times has your neighbor tried that one crazy-fad diet, seen some quick results, to then just gain all or even more of her weight back?


So what should you do? It’s really not a question that is answered easily. I’ll take my best shot:


Diets are not one-size-fits-all.


Don’t you hate one-size-fits-all clothing? I’m 4’10” and trust, it’s just not true. Diets are the same way. What works for your friend is not necessarily going to work for you. Just because Beth from accounting lost 30 pounds on the Atkins diet doesn’t mean you will. There are other factors at play that will determine whether a diet is a good fit for you or not. How your body processes certain foods is huge. Talking with your doc is a good start to learn more about your nutritional needs.


Sustainability is key, but it doesn’t have to be deal breaker.


It’s fact that any lifestyle change is not truly a lifestyle change if it is not something you can sustain pretty well. Did you really change your life if you tried Whole30 and on day 31 ate your weight in sugar? Yo-yo’ing is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to your health. Gaining and losing and gaining messes with your metabolism and will ruin your chances for lasting results. Find something that works for you—It may be keto, paleo, low-carb, vegetarian, vegan, or some other plan. One thing it should include is whole, real food. One thing it should include less of is sugar. If it works, you should see results in lots of capacities: Fat loss, better sleep, more energy, less bloating, less gas, an easier time using the bathroom, etc. If you’re seeing any or all of these things, congrats! Your gut is thanking you! Now, can you sustain these positive changes you’ve made? If the answer is yes—AWESOME! But if you can’t, is all hope lost? Not necessarily.


Short Term Diets for Long-Term LEARNING.


The beauty of some of the newer, trendy “diets” is what you can LEARN from trying them out. Take Whole30—It's a short-term program you go on, not for the purpose of losing weight (though that may very well happen), but to learn a few things that you can stick with long term. That's right. The future is short-term diets for long-term learnings. Some positives of going on these diets:

• Be introduced to new, healthier foods you love.

• Learn to cook!

• Learn to read nutrition labels—You mean sugar is a carb?!

• Realize how much sugar there is in Sriracha (sorry).

• Learn that your body reacts to some foods differently than others—what should you maybe cut out permanently?

• Realize all you need to skip that third drink you didn't want in the first place is an excuse.

All of these learnings, when you add them up over time, expand. There's that magical moment when you realize you don't need to get fries on the side but can ask for something else instead. Then that moment repeats itself for the rest of your life—and you're healthier for it.

Get in the fast lane!

Hey Warriors! It's time to get in the fast lane with this Weekend Warrior!

Burpee with Broad Jump x15
Plank Walk x10each way
Pivot Push-Up x5each side
Walking Lunge x10each
Inchworms x10
Duck Walk x20 steps

Complete this circuit 4 times! And have a wonderful weekend!





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