Weekend Warrior Workout--Deck of Cards

Weekend Warrior DECK OF CARDS!

Complete this workout as fast as possible, taking into account your fitness level. Rest as needed.

Flip one card at a time, the number on the card is the number of reps you do of that exercise. Each suit represents an exercise:

Hearts – Push-up
Diamonds – 2-Point Row (using Dumbbell or Kettlebell)
Spades – Jump Squat (or Speed Squat)
Clubs – Jump Lunge/Alternate Reverse Lunge
Ex. 10 of hearts = 10 push-ups; 6 of spades = 6 jump squats

Jack = 11
Queen = 12
King = 13
Ace = 14
Joker = 15 Burpees

Keep going until you have gone through the entire deck! Beginners should cut reps in half (entire deck = 104 reps).


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