What's with the Clipboards?

By Coach Chris Collins, CPT

At LiveWELL, our clipboards are our lifeline. Clipped onto them are our team and semi-private programs for the week, as well as client sheets detailing each person’s goals, workout history, and any injuries they might have had or continue to have- all vital information in determining how each session will go that day.

But, Chris, you might ask, how are you able to assist everyone’s goals based off the same template? After all, some people want to lose body composition, others want to gain muscle mass, and others want to stay the same while getting stronger in certain lifts.

Beyond manipulating reps, sets, volume, and load, our templates are designed to counter the effects of a seated-centric society. It’s another component inherent in what constitutes functional training, a definition of which I’ve been thinking about for years.

You see, as our jobs became more computer-based, our bodies adapted to this lifestyle. Our shoulders rounded forward, which tightened our pecs and weakened our lower traps; and our lumbar spine rounded backward, which lead to tight hip flexors and weak abdominals and gluteals.

This is known as the upper and lower-crossed syndrome. Over time, your muscles will acclimate to this posture, and depending on which prominent physical therapist you follow, muscles will either become “locked,” or “tight,” inhibiting the opposing muscle groups from activating in the way they should.

Without countering the effects of a seated-centric society, injury is bound to occur. The often quoted statistic of 80% of people eventually encountering some form of back pain in their lives is a manifestation of our new lifestyle, no doubt about it.

So at LiveWELL, not only are you going to get a good workout in, you’re also going to strengthen those muscles that need it, preventing injury in the process, all while reaching your goals.

In that respect, our clipboards are not just a lifeline, they are a springboard from which to launch a healthier you.



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