Weekend Warrior Workout - the Ascender/Descender

Happy Weekend! We hope you can get this Ascender/Descender workout in soon!

Grab a couple of dumbbells and kettlebells!

Perform 6 rounds of each superset--the first exercise of each set starts with 20 reps and DECREASES by 2 reps until you reach 10 reps; the second exercise of each superset starts with 10 reps and INCREASES by 2 reps until you reach 20 reps (i.e. start with 20 bilateral dumbbell overhead presses, then do 10 kettlebell swings, then 18 dumbbell overhead presses, then 12 kettlebell swings, etc.).

FYI, each superset adds up to 90 reps. Enjoy!

Here are the exercises in order:


1A) Bilateral Dumbbell Overhead Press: 20,18,16,14,12,10 reps

1B) Kettlebell Swing: 10,12,14,16,18,20 reps


2A) Bilateral bent-over Kettlebell Row: 20,18,16,14,12,10 reps

2B) By-the-Horns Goblet Squat: 10,12,14,16,18,20 reps

Let us know what you think!



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