Weekend Warrior Workout - Back to Some Basics

Happy Weekend Warriors! This is another great, no equipment needed workout!

This is also a great workout to do outside or with your kids!

Perform 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises – resting only as needed!

20 Push-ups
20 Jump or Speed Squats
200 Jump Rope
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Jump or Reverse Lunges
200 Yard Sprint

Let us know what you think!


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Weekend Warrior Workout

Happy Weekend, Warriors!

The weather forecast for Lexington this weekend looks awful! You can still get in an awesome sweat with this Weekend Warrior Workout, though!

Perform the following circuit 3 times as fast as possible:

Pushups – 10

Touchdown Squats – 20

Lateral mountain climbers – 20 each leg

Lateral Lunge – 10 each leg

Plank with hip slap – 10 each side

Jumping Jacks – 50

Let us know what you think! LiveWELL!


You've heard of One Pot Recipes, try these One PAN Recipes!

By Laura des Cognets

Hey team! I've been trying to clean up this diet of mine! Don't get me wrong, I feel great 3 months post-baby, but I was eating way too much crap, to be honest. Think sugar-laden coffee, goldfish, and booze as some of the offenders.

With three kids and a business to run, I like the idea of one-pot slow cooker meals. However, they tend to all be a little "soupy". Enter, the one-PAN recipes!

Not only is this ideal because of minimal clean-up (bottles take over our dishwasher 24-7!) but it's healthy and delish!

I found these on Greatist.com---my favorite was the shrimp and broccoli with cashew sauce! It's a high protein, healthy fat and good carb recipe!

Check it out!


Are you CPR Certified? You should be!

By Coach Chris Collins, CPT

The bodies were stacked, sometimes three deep, on the table opposite the room I just entered.
I peered further and caught a glimpse of eyes, expressionless, staring back at me through a web of
interlocking arms and torsos. I was nervous. There was only one unoccupied chair left in the CPR class I was taking. I had just made it!

Close call I thought as I slid into the seat and introduced myself to the nurse sitting next to me.
Her name was Sadie, and she was nice. But everyone was. I’d assume it had something to do with not being laughed at when your turn came to perform CPR on one of the mannequins on that table. In fact, it doesn’t get much better than having to perform a critical, life-saving ritual, pass or fail, in front of a bunch of people you’ve never met but whom you semi-compete with professionally. Big fun, right there.

I’ll skip all the minor details, descriptions, and instructor jokes (trust me, there are many), and hit on the important points of CPR taught in class that day. Not much has changed since the last time I took the CPR exam two years ago. It used to be if you saw someone unresponsive, you’d spend ten seconds to check for pulse and breath before calling 911 or summoning for emergency response. Now, you dial 911 or shout for assistance immediately if you happen upon or see someone go down.

You want to do 30 chest compressions at a depth of two to two and a quarter inches at a tempo of 100 to 120 beats per minute, or the difference between “Sweet Home, Alabama,” and the Stones’ “Honky Tonk Women.” After thirty compressions, you give two even breaths. Emphasis on even. You want your breaths to reach the lungs and not the stomach. Always perform your compressions hard. If you think you can thrust the heel of your palm further into the victim’s chest, do so. You might hear all sorts of noises, tearing, snapping, all kinds of sounds. This is normal, and according to the instructor, preferable to performing the compressions too lightly. After that, it’s a matter of when the automated external defibrillator device gets there.

If you’re at a place that has an AED, the prompts are easy to follow. Once turned on, most devices talk you through the process. The pads themselves have illustrations of where you’ll place them on the victim. To shave or not to shave? In the past, I thought shaving the chest to prevent interference with the AED’s electric shock was prioritized. Not so in this class.

Which makes sense, especially in an every-second-counts situation. Manscaping? Unless your victim is “just really hairy,” we ain’t got time for that! CPR is something I think everyone should know. If you’re interested in taking a class or learning more about today’s protocols for administering it, contact the American Heart Association or American Red Cross at www.heart.org, or redcross.org respectively.

Weekend Warrior Workout--Sliding into the Weekend

Hey Weekend Warriors! This weekend, we’re giving you a total body workout – and all you need is furniture sliders and a dumbbell. If you don’t have furniture sliders, you can use small towels on a smooth (tile or wood) floor!

Perform the following in groups of two exercises:

Group 1
Slider pushups – 4 sets of 6 reps each arm

Slider Reverse Lunge – 3 sets of 12 reps each leg, add a little weight for resistance

Group 2
Single Arm Renegade Row – 4 sets of 6 reps each arm

Slider Leg Curls – 3 sets of 12 reps

Group 3
Slider Rockers – 3 sets of 12 reps

Turkish Get Up – 3 sets of 12 reps each arm

Have an awesome weekend and LiveWELL!




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