It Takes Two! April is Refer a Friend Month!

Refer Friends In April!

This month, refer as many friends as you would like to LiveWELL! They can enjoy free team training classes OR Semi-Private Sessions for FREE! If you don't currently do any Semi-Private Training, invite a friend and we'll spot you a session!

Just note: We do need you to SCHEDULE your friend up to join you in a Semi-Private Session. This ensures we don't overbook anything. Just reply to this e-mail, call us, or stop by the front desk and we'll get it in!

For each friend that you refer, your name will be entered to win a YETI cooler!

We will have invite cards at the front desk. This makes it easy for you to put your name on a few cards and leave somewhere in your workplace for your co-workers. You can also just give them to friends or family members.

When you bring in a friend, just remember to fill out our sign in sheet at the front desk. We'll use this to keep track of who gets entered to win the YETI.

It Takes Two

MOBILITY DRILL: Half-Kneeling Quad Hip Flexor Stretch

This is one of those feel-good stretches that will help loosen up tight hips. If you ever have any lower back pain, this is can be an area that can be stretched to give some immediate relief.

hip flexor stretch_copy


-Box is optional
-Create a vertical line from your down knee up through your hip and torso
-Pull belly button in and squeeze glute
-Do not drive hip forward
-You should be feeling stretch in front of quad and hip flexor and NOT your knee
-Hold for 30 seconds each side
-Try this at home using your couch and a pillow beneath your knee

Weekend Warrior Workout--Top of the Minute

Hello LiveWELL Team!

This week’s workout is Top of the Minute! The good news is that the workout will be done in 16 mins.  The bad news is that it’s gonna hurt!

For this workout you will need a Suspension Tool, a medium-sized Kettlebell, a medium sized Dumbbell and, of course, your bad self!

The set up:

Set a timer to 1-minute intervals. You will have 1 minute to complete 20 reps of each the exercises listed below, and then you have the remainder of the minute to rest. Do this for 4 rounds.

Here are the exercises in order:

Kettlebell Swings
Suspension Bodyweight Row
Goblet Split Squat (10 each leg so 20 total)

Staying Healthy-ish While On-the-Go

We traveled recently and I got to thinking about how tough it must be for people who travel all of the time to stay healthy. Although airports do have way better options than they probably used to, there are so many temptations!

Here are 8 ways to stay healthy-ish on the go!

Let us know if you ever want some workouts to take on the road with you! Just e-mail Russ, Laura or Melissa and we'll hook you up!

Weekend Warrior Workout--March Madness Style

March Madness leaving you with little time for a workout?! We thought so – but we KNOW you can find 15 minutes somewhere, and that’s all you need to get this workout in this weekend!

Try it out! And obviously, GO CATS!

Perform as many rounds as possible in just 15 min:

  • Dumbbell Thrusters  x 10 reps

  • Single Arm Kettlebell swings x 10 each side

  • Pullups x 5 reps

  • Stability Ball Rollouts x 20 reps

  • Mountain Climbers x 20 each leg

We won't judge if you enjoy a cold one after this awesome workout!

The Power of Positivity

By Coach Chris Collins, CPT

Today, we’re going to do supersets of taking out the trash and cleaning the sinks, followed by circuits of vacuuming the floors, cleaning the windows, and picking up dirty laundry.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it. Well, it is impressive how someone hasn’t marketed these “exercises” to the fitness industry yet, given the study that follows.

In August 2007, Psychological Science published a study by Drs. Ellen Langer and Alia Crum comparing two groups of hotel room attendants who did the exact same work over an equal amount of time. The results were eye-opening. Simply by informing one group of 44 hotel room attendants their work met the CDC’s requirements for healthy living, they lost more bodyweight, fat, fat percentage, BMI, and waist to hip ratio than the uninformed second group of attendants.

The study is often cited in articles highlighting the placebo effect on exercise. Think it’s working for you, it probably is; think the opposite, well, it’s not too hard to ditch what’s already not in the running for most comfortable thing in your day to do.

Now, there’s a fine line between sunshine pumping and extolling the virtues of getting healthier, but I have to believe some of the first group of attendants’ success in losing fat had to do with specificity and repetition. Told their job duties’ caloric expenditures, things like floor sweeping, bed-making, and dusting can also be thought of as exercise would be a powerful perspective pivot in an attendants’ outlook. What used to be drudgery is now a way to get and stay healthy.

The other group of hotel room attendants, 40 in number, saw no change in their relative biomarkers. I feel bad for this group. This study was conducted at a hotel that had fixed staffs to certain buildings. Everyday folks from group 1 are all smiles and clocking in. I can see others from the second group annoyed at their co-worker’s positive attitude so early in the morning. “We’ll see who’s laughing last at this year’s employee Christmas party’s poker table…”

The other facet of this study is belief. Not a lot of folks like to talk about it, but there’s a lot to be said about sticking it out in the face of what you might sometimes think are insurmountable odds and believing in what you are doing. “With every fiber of my being” is a saying that I interpret to mean committing yourself fully to that which it is you are doing, and I believe that that idea is central to the eventual success in any program.

Lucky 7 Weekend Warrior Workout

LiveWELL Team – It's the first weekend in March! Can you believe it? Spring is SO CLOSE! Try this high intensity, full body workout this weekend!

Here’s the setup for the “Lucky 7” Workout:

7 exercises
7 reps
7 rounds AFAP (as fast as possible)!

7 Single-Arm (SA) Dumbbell Floor Press (each arm)
7 Goblet Squats
7 Slider Pike Ups (try furniture sliders if you have them, or, you can use towels/washcloths under your feet on a wood or tile floor)
7 Suspension Bodyweight Rows
7 Jump Lunges (each leg)
7 SA Kettlebell Swings (each arm)
7 Explosive Step Ups (each leg)

Let us know what you think!




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