The Landmine: Dangerous Territory

By Coach Chris Collins, CPT

All right, listen up. We all know LiveWELL is not for the faint of heart. Just navigating the gym can be a daunting experience. For every member who has grown accustomed to the danger behind every plyo box, there are ten who’ve fallen victim to any number of potential threats found in the Club.

You have to be prepared at all times. At a moment’s notice, we might ask you to bearcrawl through one part of the gym, skate at another, and jump over fences just in order to make it through that day’s challenge.

We use ropes to do battle, throw fellow member balls of medicine to aid in their survival, and race each other using Airdynes to get out of enemy territory.

There are a lot of pieces of equipment we use to keep us fit and ready for life’s challenges. Perhaps the one easiest overlooked is the landmine.

Above all, this piece of equipment is dynamic. Easy to look past due to its humble nature, the landmine can be employed in a ton of exercises to enhance form and strength. Its self-correcting nature can be abrasive. You might not like its tutelage at first, but because it will make you stronger, over time, you will respect it.

The landmine’s base is a flat piece of metal shaped in the form of a pentagon with a hollow cylinder attached to the top. Inserting one end of a barbell into the cylinder allows the exerciser to do any number of exercises, only now with a fixed trajectory, allowing optimal movement patterns to be ingrained.

Need help sitting back and keeping your chest up during a squat? Pick up the free end of the barbell to shoulder height, step slightly away from the landmine base, and squat down, allowing the barbell to guide you into a better deep squat position.

Want to build a quality single leg hip hinge pattern? Face the landmine, pick up the free end of the barbell with one hand, and hold it down to that side. Now, perform your single leg deadlift, using the barbell as both resistance and a fixed range of motion for where your hand should be at the bottom of each rep. You will find the hand holding the barbell forced down and back toward the ankle of your standing leg, stretching the hamstring if you keep your chest up.

These are just a couple of exercises you can use the landmine on. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to this handy tool. Use the landmine to detonate your workouts into the stratosphere!

Weekend Warrior Workout--The Fab Four!

The Fab 4 workout will help you build total body strength, improve your anaerobic conditioning and burn a ton of calories! All you need for this workout are 1-2 heavier kettlebells and a chin up bar!

Perform the following 4 exercises in a circuit – the goal is to complete 4 rounds of 8 reps per exercise in 20 minutes. 

1) Contralateral Single Leg Deadlift
2) Goblet Split Squat
3) Chin Up
4) Burpee

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Happy Weekend Warriors!

Weekend Warrior Workout--Kettlebells!

Kettlebells are so versatile – they’re ideal for explosive exercises that work major muscles, burn body fat and build power. This circuit is a great full-body workout for the Kettlebell lover – or anyone! If you workout frequently at home, we highly recommend investing in 2 or 3 various kettlebells.

Perform one side of your body, rest, then perform the other. Important: Do not let the Kettlebell touch the ground till you have completed all of the reps on one side of your body!

3 Sets of 15 reps each. Start on the right side:

2-Point Row
Single-Arm Kettlebell Clean
Single-Arm Kettlebell  Squat
Single-Arm Kettlebell Overhead Press

Have Fun!

Weekend Warrior Workout--Combo!!

In case you doubted that you could absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt, completely exhaust yourself with only 4 exercises, this week’s Combo Workout will clarify that!

Perform the following combination exercises in a circuit fashion for 3 rounds of 10 reps each, resting only as needed.

Pike to Push-up

Single-Arm (SA) Kettlebell Clean to Burpee (left arm clean, burpee, right arm clean, burpee – or vice versa) – 10 each side

Squat to Cable Row

Kettlebell (KB) Deadlift (DL) to KB Swing (perform 10 DLs immediately followed by 10 Swings)

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Happy Weekend, Warriors!

Weekend Warrior Workout--Weekend Minute!

Ready for the “Weekend Minute “workout?! For this workout, you need a timer (No excuses – EVERYONE has a timer on their phone!), plus a set of dumbbells (for 15 floor presses at a time) and one kettlebell (for 15 swings at a time).

At the start of each minute, you’ll start 15 reps of one exercise. You can rest for the remainder of the minute. At the top of the next minute, do 15 reps of the next exercise, and rest for the remainder of the minute. Continue this pattern until you’ve done the entire circuit 5 times – so, it only takes 20 minutes!

You'll have plenty of time for lots of college football watching!

Be sure to warm up first and cool down after.

Perform as a circuit – 5 rounds 15 reps. Start each exercise at the top of each minute:

Bodyweight row
Kettlebell Swings
Jump Squats
Dumbbell Floor Press

Let us know what you think!

Happy Weekend Warriors!

Weekend Warrior Workout--Twofer!

Hey LiveWELL Team!

Whether on the weekend, a day you can’t make it into the gym, or when you’re traveling, this is a workout you can do just about anywhere – all you need is two dumbbells!

It’s a single circuit of three exercises, but don’t be fooled… each exercise is a twofer (as in, two for the price of one)!

Perform the following 5 rounds of 5 reps per exercise:

Reverse Lunge to Single-Leg Deadlift – 5 each leg
Push-Up Renegade Row – 5 rows each side
Dumbbell Thruster with Full Squat to Press – 5x

Happy Weekend Warriors!

What's Your Fiber Type?

By Chris Collins, CPT

You hear us talk sometimes of fiber. In the wild, crazy world of fitness, fiber often refers to the
fiber you eat. You may already know that soluble fiber absorbs water and helps lower cholesterol; insoluble fiber doesn’t absorb water, adds bulk to your digestive tract, and helps keep you regular. However, there’s another kind of fiber we often talk about, muscle fiber, which is separated into three different types:type l, red muscle fiber, which is slow twitch; type lla, red fibers, which are intermediate; and type llb, white muscle fiber, which are fast twitch and least resistant to fatigue.

For most of us, our fiber types are already set. While it’s true you can somewhat train intermediate muscle fibers to mimic characteristics of type llb, fast twitch muscle fibers while in adolescence, fiber type is predetermined and genetic.

For illustrative purposes, an examination of which types of athletes/populations have which type of muscle fiber is in order. Those people who are good at endurance sports such as distance running, rowing, or swimming likely have a higher ratio of slow twitch muscle fiber to fast. Those folks who succeed at lifting heavy, jumping higher, and sprinting fast have a higher ratio of fast twitch fibers to slow.

While most sports favor fast twitch fiber types, there are pros and cons to having a predominance of each. Folks with a higher ratio of slow twitch might be able to go for hours, but not move as much weight, hit as far, or jump as high one time. Folks who are characteristically fast twitch
dominant might be able to hit hard, lift heavy, or throw far, but they can’t last beyond, on the extreme end, 10 seconds in doing so.

Which fiber type are you? After learning this information, most folks want to know which muscle fiber type they are, fast or slow? While it’s true that outside of performing a muscle biopsy test, you can’t really get a definitive answer, there is another way that can give you a good indication of which muscle fiber type you are.

Here’s the test: For fiber type composition in the chest, triceps, and shoulder, calculate your one rep max on the bench (there’s many ways to do this, charts help), load up the bar to 80% of your one rep max, and press as many times as you can.

Folks who are high in fast twitch composition tend to stay in the four-seven rep range. Folks composed of slower can usually press anywhere from 15-20. On average, most of us will be able to muster around 10. For quadriceps, conduct the same percentage on your squat. For hamstrings perform the same test on deadlifts.

It’s a fun way to determine your muscle fiber composition. Try it out next time you’re in the

Weekend Warrior Workout--Deck of Cards

Weekend Warrior DECK OF CARDS!

Complete this workout as fast as possible, taking into account your fitness level. Rest as needed.

Flip one card at a time, the number on the card is the number of reps you do of that exercise. Each suit represents an exercise:

Hearts – Push-up
Diamonds – 2-Point Row (using Dumbbell or Kettlebell)
Spades – Jump Squat (or Speed Squat)
Clubs – Jump Lunge/Alternate Reverse Lunge
Ex. 10 of hearts = 10 push-ups; 6 of spades = 6 jump squats

Jack = 11
Queen = 12
King = 13
Ace = 14
Joker = 15 Burpees

Keep going until you have gone through the entire deck! Beginners should cut reps in half (entire deck = 104 reps).


Weekend Warrior Workout--Burpee, Jump, Push, Plank!

Here's another great, NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED workout for ya!

There are five rounds of four exercises. You will begin with 20 reps, then 16, 12, 8 and 4. Each round finishes with a 1-minute plank.

As always, warm up with the dynamic warm up before starting the workout!

Ready? Set… GO!

Round 1:
Burpee x 20
Jump Squat x 20
Push Up x 20
Plank x 1 minute

Round 2:
Burpee x 16
Jump Squat x 16
Push Up x 16
Plank x 1 minute

Round 3:
Burpee x 12
Jump Squat x 12
Push Up x 12
Plank x 1 minute

Round 4:
Burpee x 8
Jump Squat x 8
Push Up x 8
Plank x 1 minute

Round 5:
Burpee x 4
Jump Squat x 4
Push Up x 4
Plank x 1 minute

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Happy Weekend, Warriors!

Weekend Warrior Workout--20 Minute Sweat Sesh!

Hello Weekend Warriors!

Here’s the workout: You have 2 minutes to complete 10 QUALITY reps of the following 4 exercises. That means 10 of each exercise in 2 minutes! If you finish the 40 reps before the two minutes is up, you can take the remaining time as rest ????

Complete 10 rounds for a total of 20 minutes. Bam!

10 Push-ups with a shoulder touch (Push-up, touch your left shoulder, then right shoulder – that’s 1 rep)
10 Jump Squats
10 Bodyweight Rows
10 Kettlebell Swings

Let us know what you think on Facebook! Have a great weekend!



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