I loved this post so much.

Most of the time, health and fitness blogs are writing about how to avoid the holiday weight gain--suggesting low calorie options for family dinners ("oh, please!" you say? Us too!) They say that studies show that people who gain weight during the holidays usually don't LOSE that weight. If this trend keeps happening year-after-year, those extra "holiday pounds" can add up.

But this isn't YOU! You're a LiveWELL team member. We take care of ourselves on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis, so indulging during the holidays is not a major downfall! Commit to that 80/20 rule we've talked about before. 80 percent of the time, LiveWELL! Workout consistently. Eat clean. Sleep! The other 20, let loose!

This post isn't suggesting you don't enjoy holiday desserts or boozie beverages. THANK GOODNESS! Ha! Instead, it lists some nutritionists' "one rule" for the holidays. Things like, "Nix the Guilt" Okay, done! 

Happy Holidays, LiveWELL team! We are so thankful for YOU!

Laura des Cognets




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