LiveWELL Success Story


Why did you get started at LiveWELL?
I was traveling a lot and even though I worked out at hotels, etc., eating out was a challenge with maintaining my weight. I needed to lose the extra weight I put on. I started here due to a flyer I saw on Facebook. I have tried lots of gyms over the years and was extremely satisfied at how much they mix things up in your routine to give you maximum results. I also like that they give you alternative moves if the one they show is too challenging.

What made you stay?
I definitely increased my muscle tone, strength, along with weight loss. I had the best results of any gym I have ever belonged to. It was a good, supervised workout making sure your form is correct to prevent injuries. They start with a good warmup and they follow up at the end with a foam roller which saved me a great deal from having chiropractic appointments.

How did reaching a goal make you feel?
I could not do more than 2 push-ups when I first started; today I did 3 sets of 10 reps. I feel so much better (about) the way I look now being leaner.

What makes LiveWELL different?
Since it's family owned and operated, the sincerity and quality of help comes through in the training.


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