Weekend Warrior Workout

New to the LiveWELL Blog!

Check here for Weekend Warrior Workouts! We'll post a workout that we hope you can use over the weekend if you can't make it in to the gym. Also, they'll always be here so that you have access to a good workout if you take a work trip, a vacation, or just can't make it to LiveWELL for a few days!

We'll also try to make these workouts that you can do with minimal equipment. If ever there is an exercise that you don't know how to perform, please shoot us an e-mail reply or ask us the next time you're in.

Here is our FIRST Weekend Warrior Workout:

Exercise                         Sets x Reps

1A Push-ups                      3 x 12
1B Single Leg Bridges         3 x 12 (each side)

2A Jump Squats                 3 x 12
2B Plank-to-Side-Plank       3 x 12 (each side)

3A Bear Crawl                     3 x 1 (lap)
3B Prone Cobras                     3 x 12

Go get it, Weekend Warrior!



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