The Dynamic Warm-Up: YES, you need to do it!

By Coach Chris Collins, CPT

It’s time to get excited about warming up. If you’ve been in recently, you know we’ve instituted new dynamic warmups to go along with our semi-private and team training sessions. Along with preventing injury and increasing core temperature, a proper warmup includes numerous other benefits, including mental preparation and increased performance. Let’s reexamine the warmup’s role in the overall fitness regimen before we just can’t stand it.

Now, while no one is going to burst out of the gym and post their warmup exploits (look at my range of motion on this foam roller!!! #foamrollerlife) in reality the importance of warming up cannot be overstated.

First on the list of benefits is injury prevention. Warming up increases blood flow to your body’s muscles, which makes them more pliable and capable of a wider range of motion. That process alone is huge. Along with pliability, increased core temperature means a more efficient caloric-burning state. You could be sacrificing the amount of calories you’ll eventually burn by jumping right into your workout without warming up.

Mental preparation. Ever think to yourself, “I’m not feeling the gym today. I’m exhausted and am feeling the couch instead. Plus, the Cats play at 8.” While at those times, an intense workout is as foreign as Cal switching to zone, putting yourself through the process of a prescribed warmup can allow your mental state to “catch up” with what you want to put your body through.

Come on, brain. Stop dogging it!

While warming up always use controlled tempo. You want to be fluid. Don’t build up momentum trying to stretch, flex or extend farther than you can under a natural rhythm.

Breathe thoroughly. Quality of oxygen is important. Try to access that nutrient-rich oxygen found deep in the lungs by breathing diaphragmatically. Get away from shallow chest-breathing, which does nothing to offset the rounded shoulder posture found in modern-day living.

The warmup. It doesn’t get the accolades the more heavy, multi-joint, load-bearing exercises get, but if you include it in your workout you’re less like to get injured and have subpar workouts, and what’s not exciting about that? Whew!

Meet Jeff Jefferson

Why did you get started at LiveWELL?
I had been working out for several years off and on, but I did not feel like I was making much progress. I had never worked with a personal trainer but it sounded interesting. I had several friends who had started at LiveWELL so I figured I would give it a shot.

What made you stay?
The first thing I noticed was the amount of attention that Russ and the other trainers pay to each client. There is a lot of focus on proper technique, as well as a training regimen that is tailored to each individual's goals. LiveWELL provides a great structure which makes it that much more likely to achieve and maintain your objectives.

How did reaching a goal make you feel?
With advice and encouragement from Russ, I changed my diet and saw immediate results in weight loss and body fat loss. That felt great because I had never experienced much success with that before Russ got involved.

What makes LiveWELL different?
The trainers make a point to get to know the clients, and to listen to what we have to say and what we want to achieve. I have started to really look forward to coming in and working with them.

Thanks to Jeff for the kind words! Keep up the great work!

Weekend Warrior Workout

Perform the following:

Round 1:
Single leg squats (5 rounds of 5 reps)
3-point row (5 rounds of 5 reps)

Round 2:
Single leg dead lifts (5 rounds of 5 reps)
Dumbbell push press (5 rounds of 5 reps)

Round 3:
Inchworms (3 rounds of 10 reps)
Figures 8s (3 rounds of 10 reps each side)


I loved this post so much.

Most of the time, health and fitness blogs are writing about how to avoid the holiday weight gain--suggesting low calorie options for family dinners ("oh, please!" you say? Us too!) They say that studies show that people who gain weight during the holidays usually don't LOSE that weight. If this trend keeps happening year-after-year, those extra "holiday pounds" can add up.

But this isn't YOU! You're a LiveWELL team member. We take care of ourselves on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis, so indulging during the holidays is not a major downfall! Commit to that 80/20 rule we've talked about before. 80 percent of the time, LiveWELL! Workout consistently. Eat clean. Sleep! The other 20, let loose!

This post isn't suggesting you don't enjoy holiday desserts or boozie beverages. THANK GOODNESS! Ha! Instead, it lists some nutritionists' "one rule" for the holidays. Things like, "Nix the Guilt" Okay, done! 

Happy Holidays, LiveWELL team! We are so thankful for YOU!

Laura des Cognets

Reindeer Express benefitting The Nest-Center for Women, Children & Families

Merry! Merry!

Don't be too alarmed by our Christmas Tree that is ALREADY up in the gym--we have good reason!

This is our second year to be collecting donations for The Nest-Center for Women, Children and Families' Reindeer Express.

The Nest collects new, unwrapped toys and coats for children ages 0-5. This year, they have almost DOUBLED their amount of children they are collecting for to almost 900! With your help, we can make sure that these kids have a wonderful Christmas! 

Items requested other than cold weather coats, hats and mittens/gloves are new, unwrapped toys such as lego sets, sports equipment, art supply sets and coloring books, dolls, any "popular" character-type toys, transformers, games, puzzles, cars, etc.

They also accept holiday wrapping paper, tissue, gift bags and tape to wrap the presents.

Check out for more information about the program, how to help and see some pictures from the event!

Thanks so much in advance to all those who will donate!

LiveWELL and Happy Holidays!

Weekend Warrior Workout

Here is a fast-paced, descending workout that requires no equipment (jump ropes can be "faked"!) You'll need some energy and enough room to do a push-up!


Round 1:

250 Jump Rope 
25 Jump Squats (or bodyweight speed squats)
25 Push-ups (toe or knee position)

Round 2:
200 Jump Rope
20 Jump Lunges (10-20 each leg--your choice!)
20 Slow-Motion Push-ups (2 seconds down, 2 seconds up, toe or knee position)

Round 3:
150 Jump Rope
15 Single Leg Squats (each leg, or stay on both legs for a regression)
15 Spiderman Push-ups


Weekend Warrior Workout

Happy Friday Warriors!

Perform the following circuit 3 times as fast as possible:

10 Hindu Push-Ups

20 Touchdown Squats

20 (each) Lateral Mountain Climbers

10 (each) Lateral Lunge

10 (each) Plank with Hip Slap

50 Jumping Jacks


Where Should I Feel This?

By Coach Chris Collins, CPT

"Should I be feeling this here or here?" he asked. I was talking to an exerciser doing an anti-rotational press. After finishing his set, dropping his arms and relaxing his shoulders, he pointed to each hip back and forth.

It's an interesting question , and in its answer, an opportunity to go into detail the interesting musculature and functionality of the abdominal wall and the definition of a word we like to throw around a lot in the gym: torque.

To the question. In general, our anti-rotator should be feeling it on both sides. That is because of the position of the abdominal wall muscles, which are not only stacked in an interior to superficial fashion but also align opposite each other diagonally.

For example, in an anti-rotational press, the external oblique, which is the outer layer of muscle originating on the outer crest of the hip, pulls the lower 8 ribs down and toward the front pelvis in the direction of the rectus abdominis. To further bolster the abdominal vertically, the muscles just underneath the external oblique, the aptly named interior oblique activate. Because they run diagonally counter to the external oblique, originating more toward the spine and on the inner crest of the pelvis, they pull the bottom four ribs down and back.

Because of where they originate and attach, the internal and external oblique muscles are producing torque in opposite directions. This mechanism, along with the even deeper activation of the transverses abdominis helps stabilize both hips in their sockets and prevent spinal rotation.

It's what we mean when we say "brace." It's not enough that we offset an anti-rotational force superficially. To further strengthen your midsection, breathe outwardly, forcefully, and think of pushing your abdomen out.

You'll thank me the next time you drive around a long curve on a country road or hop on a roller coaster at your favorite theme park. Don't give into the centrifugal force. Stay upright, people!

Weekend Warrior Workout

Exercise: Sets: Reps:
Walk-Over Push-Ups 3 12
Jump Lunges (Reverse Lunges) 3 12
Elevator Squats 3 12
Sit-Outs 3 12
Side Plank w/ Lateral Leg Raises 3 12
Dips on Chair 3 12

Have fun! Let us know if you ever need a demonstration on an exercise.


LiveWELL Success Story


Why did you get started at LiveWELL?
I was traveling a lot and even though I worked out at hotels, etc., eating out was a challenge with maintaining my weight. I needed to lose the extra weight I put on. I started here due to a flyer I saw on Facebook. I have tried lots of gyms over the years and was extremely satisfied at how much they mix things up in your routine to give you maximum results. I also like that they give you alternative moves if the one they show is too challenging.

What made you stay?
I definitely increased my muscle tone, strength, along with weight loss. I had the best results of any gym I have ever belonged to. It was a good, supervised workout making sure your form is correct to prevent injuries. They start with a good warmup and they follow up at the end with a foam roller which saved me a great deal from having chiropractic appointments.

How did reaching a goal make you feel?
I could not do more than 2 push-ups when I first started; today I did 3 sets of 10 reps. I feel so much better (about) the way I look now being leaner.

What makes LiveWELL different?
Since it's family owned and operated, the sincerity and quality of help comes through in the training.





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