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Laura and Russ DesCognets, the owners of LiveWELL Training Club in Lexington, may not be your typical small gym owners. You’ve heard that story before:

Dude likes to workout. Dude gets compliments on his physique and would live at the gym taking selfies all day if he could. But wait? How does Dude pay for his gym membership, tanning membership and workout wear? Shoot. Dude gets certified, trains Client A in a big box gym while simultaneously talking about himself, his achievements, showing of his guns in a tight t-shirt, posting to Facebook, and checking his text messages. Dude charges Client A way too much for standing over him while counting the reps for the program he wrote 5 minutes before Client A’s appointment. He had to finish HIS workout and protein shake first.

What is wrong with this picture? A lot.
Of course, not all trainers are born that way. Sure, they love living a healthy lifestyle or they wouldn’t be in the field, but the WOW trainers get into the business because exercise and wellness has changed their life. Not just their body. They know what living well-balanced, active and happy life can do for a person, and so they are inspired to help others achieve the same. The excellent trainers are out there. They are up every day pushing, motivating, and digging deep for a way to reach that one person who needs it. Because training is more than just technicalities. It is understanding the WHY, not just the HOW. Why do people want to get in shape?

For Russ DesCognets, a native of Lexington and graduate of the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in Business, exercise and strength training began in high school. He was NOT the kid who was athletic from a young age. He was the slightly chubby middle school student with low self-esteem. A high school football coach introduced him to the gym, and the rest was history. His body changed, and along with it, his mind. Over those years, Russ learned a lot and even coached some of the other guys at his all-male school. His friends lost weight, got stronger, and most importantly, felt better. That was where the passion began. That was Russ’ why. Not to mention the desire to give people a better product than “Trainer Dude” could.

Laura DesCognets, originally from Pikeville, Kentucky and a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in Middle School Education was always active in high school. In college, without regular cheerleading practice to attend, or with any real knowledge of her own, she would head to campus gym facility and search for an empty treadmill, only to be discouraged after not seeing results. Finally, she asked Russ for advice. He wrote out workout programs on a piece of paper, demonstrated how to do them, and off she went. It was intimidating. Lifting weights meant that Laura had to go down where all the guys worked out. Would they stare? Would this even work? You bet it did. She realized she didn’t have to eat next-to-nothing. She realized she could be strong and lean at the same time. That was her why.

So why LiveWELL? If you ask Russ, he’ll tell you ’it was always in the works.’ If you ask Laura, she’d say ‘it was?!’

LiveWELL started as just an idea. Anyone in the fitness industry will tell you that more and more people are looking for something better than a gym membership where they pay to rent equipment and nothing else. Russ and Laura realized this.

If you’re a gym junkie, you probably think that most people work out on a regular basis. Not true. The general population does not exercise. How is that person, who has never worked out, never taken a group fitness class, never read any research, supposed to change his life with a $30/month gym membership? Russ and Laura recognized this.
Perhaps that person could try personal training? Probably not. One-on-one personal training is not cheap. To find a quality trainer and make big changes, that person might spend $600/month. This is not something most people are willing to do. Russ and Laura recognized this.

People need motivation. Men and women who currently exercise will admit that doing it with friends does not only hold them accountable to show up, but it makes the experience more fun. Weekly workout sessions and classes become a social thing—a community thing—a thing of ownership. Russ and Laura recognized this.

LiveWELL was the answer. Russ and Laura wanted to create a club—a place where the training was top notch, of course, but also a place where the community—the team—made the difference. At LiveWELL, it doesn’t take long for newcomers to see the difference:

Caitlin says, “I can’t imagine training anywhere else! The team of trainers never cease to amaze me. They are kind, fun and so motivating. It’s nice to invest in my health somewhere that not only provides a workout tailored to me, but also a staff that makes me want to come each day. The LiveWELL workouts challenge me, motivate me and allow me to realize that my goals are attainable. Don’t sell yourself short. Just go.”



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