Laura DesCognets

Laura DesCognets instructs the following:
  • Afterburn
  • Afterburn is our advanced team training option. This class is designed to get your body stronger, your cardiovascular fitness improved, and your calories shed. We promise you’ll be feeling and living well! Its focus is on metabolic training using timed intervals. This type of interval training is proven effective. You will reap the benefits both during and after your workout! One of our coaches will use a variety of equipment such as kettle bells, ropes, medicine balls, TRX suspension straps, and more during a circuit format workout. This type of workout is FUN because of the team atmosphere. At LiveWELL we want our coaches and members to cheer each other on. We hope this workout flies by and either gets your day started off right or ends it on a perfect note! Why the name? Afterburn describes what the class gives you—the ability to continue to burn fat long after your workout has ended.

  • Industrial Strength

  • Foundations
  • Foundations is ideal for beginners. At LiveWELL, we realize some members will be new to this type of training, which is perfect because we know you'll love it! In this team training session, one of our coaches will cover all of the basic movements you'll need to excel in your individual fitness program. Most of the content in this class will stay the same so that members can really master the movement patterns before moving on to more advanced team training. If you've had pain, stability or mobility issues, or just haven't been able to move and feel like you'd hoped, our Foundations class will get you where you want to be--feeling and living WELL!


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What is in the 30 Day PT Experience:

  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Program Design
  • Open Club Use
  • Unlimited Team Training Classes
  • 4 Semi-Private Personal Training Sessions


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